Mom:Fallon C.
Date:May 20, 2011

Fallon C.

Mom: Fallon  |  Dad: Lucas  |  Baby Boy: Jax  |  Born: May 20th, 2011

I was a patient at the Miami Maternity Center, where at the time, Michelle was a student midwife. She was always so kind and caring and she made even the toughest visits end on a high note. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I learned my son was breech. Each time I was seen, Michelle was so comforting in reassuring me that he still had plenty of time to turn. As my pregnancy progressed further and further, Michelle continued to reassure me that he could turn and finally at 39 weeks, I was told that my baby had turned! I was elated and went home to prepare for the birth of my baby at the maternity center.

At my 40 week appointment, Michelle was by my side as the midwife told me my baby had turned back to the breech position. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. I was referred to go to the center’s back-up OB for a consultation for a vaginal breech delivery. It was then when I learned that my baby was a footling breech and that my body was not preparing for labor. He told me that I would need a c-section the next day, due to the baby’s position.

Michelle volunteered to come to the hospital to support me during the surgery. I was very happy to have Michelle offer, and took her up on it. She was there all throughout my pre-op, asking how I was doing and helping to keep me calm. I was terrified of the thought of having the c-section and honestly I wanted to get up and waddle right out of the hospital. However, the support of my husband and Michelle kept me calm. I was very happy to learn that the hospital was going to allow both my husband and Michelle to be with me in the OR. As my proud papa-husband was snapping away pictures and watching the birth of our son, Michelle was by my head talking to me, telling me everything that was happening and asking how I was doing. When my son was taken to the nursery, Michelle stayed by my side as my husband went to be with our son.

I cannot begin to say how much it meant to me to have Michelle there with me throughout it all. She stayed with me throughout my recovery, and helped me convince the nurses to get me up to my son as soon as possible so I could begin nursing him. She stayed with us until my son nursed, gave me her number, and let me know she would be available to me if I needed anything. As difficult as that day was, Michelle helped make that day much easier, and I’m forever grateful to have had her there.