Michelle Bucur, Direct Entry Midwife

Michelle Bucur

Direct Entry Midwife, Breastfeeding Advocate and Babywearing Promoter

A little bit about me. I am the daughter of a Pharmacist father and an OB/GYN mother. I have been exposed to the practice of medicine from before I could even speak. Growing up in Ecuador, I had the opportunity to observe, and many times participate, in medical procedures undertaken at my parents’ private practice.

I felt the call to become a midwife during my wonderful home birth experience in Illinois, attended by Brande Ruskusky, CNM in 2010. As soon as my babymoon was over, I started my midwifery education from Shari Daniels, CPM at ISOM (International School of Midwifery) in Miami, FL. I was also fortunate to receive my initial clinical training from the midwives at the  Miami Maternity Center, home of the Discovery Health Channel sensation “House of Babies”.

My instruction was finalized under the tutelage of Kate Mazzara,  CPM, who practices in the Howell, MI area. In addition, my experiences as a student midwife led me to believe that midwifery should be focused on the expecting mother’s needs and preferences. This is how the idea behind Mother Oriented Midwifery (MOM) ‘germinated’.

The State of Michigan does not license midwives, however my Florida credentials will meet the most stringent requirements from amongst all states with licensure. My CPM qualifying exam (NARM) takes place in the spring of 2014. I believe that my training in addition to my passion for birth will allow me to help you experience the most natural and rewarding birth possible.